About us.

Who is vBoxx? What do we actually do? And why vBoxx One?

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Who are we?

vBoxx is a Dutch hosting company with more than 25 years of experience in offering servers, cloud solutions and hosting capacity to companies all over the world. Everything revolves around personal attention. When it comes to technical products, it is important to us that our customers fully understand how it works.

Why vBoxx One?

The range of all different solutions can be overwhelming and makes it difficult for organizations to find the right solutions. That is why we looked for a solution in which all necessary products came together. And with 1 important requirement: everything had to be easy to operate from one browser. With this idea in mind, vBoxx One was created.

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Secure cloud solutions with a personal touch.

vboxx mac hosting

Mac Hosting

Whether you have a small, large or e-commerce website, we have a mac hosting.

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vboxx web hosting

Secure Email

Our email solutions help you sync all your email, contacts and calendar information.

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vboxx dedicated servers

Servers & VPS

Customize your own dedicated or virtual private server. Enjoy an environment 100%

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vboxx webhosting


Our Web hosting bundle is easy to use and has a varied amount of management.

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Our Mission.

vBoxx is a Dutch hosting company that offers servers, cloud services and hosting capacity for companies all around the world. We value the personal care we offer our customers and proudly use our problem solving capabilities to help them achieve their goals.


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Our Vision.

vBoxx strives to make technology available and accessible to people by providing the tools to effectively collaborate within an organization. We provide solutions that help foster innovation and automation while maintaining data privacy.

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100% Private

The privacy and security of your data is our priority

Expert Knowledge

Our team of experts is available to help you find the right solution

Full Custom Support

We are available to help you in every step of the process

Sustainable Cloud Storage.

vBoxx guarantees ‘green hosting’ and sustainable business execution. CO2-compensation and green energy are only a part of this process. With every step of our production process we aim at maximum sustainability, ranging from hardware to paper and electricity.